Currently running Filr 1.0.1 (hot fixes applied) large installation, which was upgraded from Filr 1.0 and OES servers on back end serving files to end users. When users log into the Filr web client, all of the top level directories show the eDirectory account creators name as the Author in their home directories. Further sub directories show the correct information as the user being the author. I have checked the file system on the OES side and all looks correct. The home directory has the owner of the account creator and all top level directories show the owner as the user of the account. I cannot seem to replicate this on my home test lab, but that was created fresh...

I opened a ticket with Novell and they said they have never heard of that before. I short time after I opened the ticket, I had talked to a consultant in our area and they said he was showing the same results.

Just posting a question to see if anyone else has seen this before and hopefully has gotten a resolution.

Please let me know.

Thanks, Don