I know I have seen this asked before but I can't find the threads containing the question and/or answers......

Our one and only ZCM Server started life 11.2 and has progressed all the way to 11.2.4 (no monthly updates). I have noticed on all Computer's, temp folders (ie. C:\3a3480522db0eaefc4c9e9, etc.) are created in the root directory during any bundle deployment and never removed. Also a folder similar to {4bb8218c-aebf-4113-882f-b10ae15c8218} exist in the root directory. Workstations are Win 7 - 64 bit. I believe the folder are suppose to be elsewhere but I have no idea what setting I set/changed moved them to the root of the C:\ nor do I know where to change that location back to the default.

Any guidance in resolving this issue would be appreciated!