We are in the process of evaluating new laptops or tablets for next year for both Student and Teacher use. I have had one administrator express a desire to at least look at the Hybrid Laptop/Tablet type systems that several companies are selling at this point. We are normally an HP shop but price ultimately dictates what we buy and I am always open to other devices. I don't know if anyone has tried these or not. If so would you be willing to share what you have learned? My guess is this might go along the lines of a Surface Pro type deployment as well.

1. Does this type of device fall under the ZCM type deployment or will this be considered a Mobile type device and ZMM is a more suitable type of service? (I am aware that at this point ZCM only support 8 and not really a 8.1 setup)

2. If you did deploy this in a tablet format how was the performance? Any specific specs I should keep in mind when looking at the solutions?

3. Which of the vendors did you like or dislike when dealing with the Hybrid or Tablet device?

I am trying to direct the district and its staff away from a device that is not going to support at least the Pro version of the OS. At this stage of MS's deployment of Windows I would really like to have another year to figure out a few more software items before a full deployment. I have a few teachers that are getting to retirement age and Windows 7 was a rough move, I am not looking forward to the Windows 8/8.1 leap with them so getting some of this solved before that time would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for any insight on this topic.