Because of Vibe's implementation of WebDav, I cannot natively reach my Vibe File Folders on OS X Lion 10.7.5. Instead I've tried using a number of different WebDAV clients that are available for OS X -- they initially seemed to be working, allowing me to upload files to my Vibe folders, but then I received an error that has persisted with every client on 1 particular folder. Of note, I am still able to reach that folder on a browser, and use it normally.

The need to use a WebDAV client is to allow for easier uploading/downloading. Vibe Desktop doesn't allow you to determine what to sync first, so if I need to get one file down from Vibe quickly, I may have to wait for Vibe Desktop to sync the files it chooses first. The browser version of Vibe doesn't have a method to download multiple files at once, and adding files is also now impossible with Java 7 since Vibe doesn't maintain the security recommendations of Java