Zenworks 11.2.2 (not my choice, would prefer to update) --

I am sure there must be 4 ways to do this, but I can't find one that works.

I just want to pull a list of bundles that are -installed- (not just available)
on a workstation.

The documentation says that "zac bl" should do this. It also says

"The Status column displays the following states:
Available: Displays this state if the bundle is installed.
Not Installed: Displays this state if the particular bundle version is not
Downloaded: Displays this state if the contents are downloaded but the action
in the Install
Action set have not been executed."

Only problem is that there is no Status column in the output!

I am open to getting output that includes more than just the installed bundles,
i.e. output similar to that described, and then massaging to extract the info I
want, but I can't find a way to get any sort of list that includes installation
status for the device.

Any ideas? Seems as if I'm probably overlooking something obvious.

-- DE