I have to vent a little, so please bear with me.

I have been a fan for years: Novell products work great and I am proud to rec. them to others. But MS is a wolf howling at the door. They are making it hard for me to keep GW around. The young guys we hire don't get it. The bosses are getting wined and dined by Exchange pimps . Pricing is cuthroat.

I keep on flying the flag, but when I heard no new client for Linux/MAC for 2014 also, it is really hard to justify GW.

I like WebAccess: But it isn't a client. I don't think anyone would argue otherwise.

I understand the Linux/Mac client users are a fraction of Windows users. I understand that Novell doesn't have enough resources to throw at a new client for Linux/Mac. I understand that this next version is probably make or break for Groupwise. But I don't understand abandoning Linux/MAC clients. Apple is making in-roads on the corporate desktop, probably more than linux. Why ignore them?


I would humbly ask Novell to do ONE of the following:

1. Evolution - re-start work on the GW connector. Lots of good work was done here, then just dropped...
2. GW 8 Linux client - Just get it running on Red Hat/Centos/OpenSuse/Ubuntu. You don't even have to install new features, just get it running on some modern distros (SLED 10 doesn't count!). I have it running on one of the above - it took a while and is a little twitchy. If I can do it, imagine what professionals with the source could do!
3. Get that super duper Windows GW client running under Wine. That way you only have to concentrate on one client. Even Slackware is packing WINE these days..

I hope others out there feel the same way. I love using GW. It is the best out there, because it is flexible. Windows only client isn't flexible.