I am trying to add a dsfw server to my existing tree. The server is running
OES11 SP2 installed clean as dsfw. I am in the provisioning process and
can't get any further than this. It is the slapi configuration step. This is
what I get in the log.

2014-02-11 09:15:20 Executing
LD_PRELOAD=/opt/novell/xad/lib64/libadmpasswd.so.2 /usr/bin/ldapmodify -x -H
ldaps://dsfw1.warpersplace.com:636 -D 'cn=user,o=xxxx' -w ***** -f
Index Definition addition for uniqueDomainID attribute on the NCP server
object failed.
[ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can't contact LDAP server (-1)] at
/opt/novell/xad/lib64/perl/XAD/nds.pm line 531.

I have googled for 2 days on this. Any advice or help would be appreciated.