We've had our ZCM configured to an eDirectory source. We're now moving to Active Directory [ :-( ], and I've successfully configured the new user sources and Administrators for the accounts pointing to AD. Fortunately, I thought to check our ZENworks User Groups and I see those various members are associated to the eDirectory tree. I need to replace the members to be their AD equivalents. So I need to remove:
BKeadle /Users/VOP_TREE/CC
BKeadle /Users/village.palatine.il.us/Users

Is there some way to do this en masse? This could be a pretty significant undertaking to have to find all VOP_TREE references to their village equivalents. Where else do I need to make these changes? User-associated bundles, policies, etc? It feels like I need to be able to do some kind of global search/replace for users in VOP_TREE with village.palatine.il.us.