We have some strange issues with the Filr Apps.
We change a pdf in our home folder with Foxit pdf reader, for the test we placed an arrow in the pdf. When we exit the application Filr asked if we want to upload the file.
Upload succeeds and everything is as it should be. When we opened the same file again and add a second arrow and upload this one we get an error: 'upload failed'.
But when we look in the home folder on the file server the changes are there. (The second arrow) Only both the filr app as well as the webclient show the old version without the second arrow..
This was on an Android phone.
Then we tried the same on an iphone. We downloaded an pdf and made a change. On the Iphone you must first send it back to filr, adjust the name back to the original name (remove
the (1) from the filename) The upload succeeds and everything looks good when you open the file directly from the file server the changes are there but in the app he
still opens a file without the changes made. The time stamp of the file in the app is the time of the moment the file was saved. So you get the impression that you open the latest file but you get the old one. (out of some cache without the changes)

Also on both Android and Iphone:
After uploading the file, the files gets deleted from the filr app (both the app and the Filr web client) but is fortunately still on the file server.
On Android the file appeared again after some time. For the Iphone, we're still waiting....

These issues are relatively easy to reproduce.

This all looks very buggy and doesn't give us a lot of confidence in the Filr App.