Dearest friends!

I come to you in dire need of assistance. I'm very new to using sysprep and I know next to nothing about scripting. I'm willing to learn and have spent a LOT of time doing research. Up to this point, the way we have been imaging our machines has gone like this.

Install windows, install drivers based on motherboard model, update and customize installation, install Novell Client, install Zenworks Agent, zac fsg -d, reboot and take image. We then have an account that we log into when the image is complete that will autoinstall Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, Adobe Reader, and start the Office 2007 installation. When complete we have to go back, install the iPrint Client, and our Antivirus.

Because of this drawn out process on each computer over the summer in our school district, I've found some time to learn about making this process automated but with every piece I see written about it, there are things involved that I just don't understand and a lot of them are written assuming that everyone does!

I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to or help me learn about this process laid out step by step. I realize this is a tall order but I'm almost at my wit's end and I'm not afraid to admit that I've been on the verge of breaking down realizing how little I know about certain things!

Thank you in advance!!