We are ready to push our ZCM 11 box to ZCM 11 SP2, but with that upgrade, we know all of our clients will upgrade too. We have a lot of machines out there that would upgrade and we don't know what would happen once we push our server to SP2. I just wanted to ask a few questions to see what will happen.

1. When the server upgrades, will the clients automatically upgrade?
2. Is there anyway to stop the upgrade or control when it happens?
3. Will the computers that upgrade have a prompt on them that says. 'Would you like to reboot?'
4. Will it automatically reboot after some time if they click no?'
5. How many reboots will it take until the clients are fully up to date?

The thing we are afraid of is 100 teachers getting this, all in the middle of class and our helpdesk getting swarmed. Thank you for your time.