Good evening all,

Not sure where to go with this so I thought it best to post here. Running OES11 SP1 as a VM (vSphere 5.5) and for whatever reason, when I run Yast2 online_update from a terminal session and start the download and installation, the installation hangs at installing ./rpm/x86_64/kernel-default-3.0.101- "The Standard Kernel". Total progress on installation hit 25% and it has not progressed beyond this for the past 45 minutes. It's also important to note that I cannot start Yast the "normal" way from the console, hence the reason why I am starting it from the command line. Not being as familiar with Linux, I am wondering what is wrong with this server that would prevent me from 1) launching Yast GUI via the console and 2) why would the patch download and installation hang?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to abort the installation at this time for fear something else might be broken.