I'm having issues with newly placed files not showing up in Filr and no way to manually resync just 1 folder, JIT does not pick them up either. (and it is causing serious frowny faces)

I have a 'large scale deployment' linked to a single file-server holding roughly 2.5M files consisting mostly (>80%) of Office documents. Syncing this whole thing takes over 24H and creates a decent enough load on our vmware environment that I don't want to have it running during production times.

I have the fileserver configured as 'network server' and our folder that contains all our users is configured as 'network folder' (translated, not sure what they are actually called in English)
It always concerns files located in peoples own home folder. Not sure if I can restrict it to just sync peoples files who actually log in instead of everyone's ?

How is this supposed to work in this kind of situation ?