>>Stange - just in time sync (JITS) should do this.
>>Did you activate the JITS global and on the net folder?

> It was enabled globally but not on the net folder, I think I turned it
> off because it was behaving oddly and giving strange results.
> Doing some tests with it turned back on right now to test.

Ok - hope that this solves the initial problem.

>>Did you leave the defaults for the time settings for JITS on the

> netfolder?
> No, upped it from 30 to 60 seconds.

Ok - that should work and start the JITS.

>>How many files do you have in the specific folder that is not showing

> the new files?
> 3.

In case these files are not there after the JITS - please have a look at the
SSF.LOG and FAMTD.LOG if there is something about these files.

> I just noticed the search appliance was filled with memory errors and
> max open file errors, I upped the memory from 4 to 6gb and increased the
> max open files to 500k (it was some odd 390k number).
> Currently running a re-index and noticing folders starting to appear
> again. I still need to increase the memory the search appliance is
> allowed to use but need to wait for this re-index.

Ok - Makes sense.

> Our VMWare environment isn't as glorious that I can just hand Filr 32Gb
> of ram like I've seen in some posts, I'm about to remove the MySQL
> appliance and point it at a physical MySQL server to free up some
> resources and reduce DB query times to eliminate any problems that might
> be causing.
> Our main Filr appliance has 3 cores and 8Gb ram, the search appliance
> has 2 cores and 6gb ram currently.

Ok - more memory in the search appliance in general makes sense. Do not
forget to adjust the JAVA Heap..