GroupWise 2012 Client 12.0.2 2013/03/26 Build 108211. Windows 7 SP1 64Bit.

Some attachment temp files are deleted shortly after opening them, and the application that opened it is no longer able to access the file.

I see that GroupWise attachments are now stored in "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\GroupWise", and are apparently not supposed to be deleted so as to prevent users from losing work they may have done on a temporary file.

When opening a zip file, the file is created in the Documents\GroupWise\ folder, and then after about 5 seconds the file is deleted. The archival software at that point is unable to extract any files. I have tried this with WinRAR and Windows Explorer. I've also replicated the issue with images. If images are set to open with Windows Live Photo Gallery, the image will disappear from the program when the file is deleted.

Some software titles are unaffected because it creates it's own temporary file and works with that, but it is an issue with at least Windows Live Photo Gallery and any file archiving software.