Our current zone is running ZCM 11.2.4 fully patched thru FEB 2014 PRU. Server is SLES 11 SP1 x64. All I want to do is add another primary server because the load on this server exceeds recommended max.

I have another server with SLES 11 SP1 x64. Install ZCM 11.2 following TID 7014023 After 11.2 is installed successfully. I need to patch it to 11.2.4. Since this device doesn't show in ZCM configuration panel, am I supposed to register it to the zone? (zac reg - first primary server) That's what I did this try. After this shows in device panel under /servers i can then apply the update. The issue here is only the agent gets updated. GRRRR and the server isn't added to the hierarchy.

Did I patch out of order? I can't figure this out and I'm losing my mind!