After deploying Windows updates clients begin reporting errors related to the Zen Policy Manager:
Category: PolicyManager
ActionMan.HandlerNotFound: Could not find a Handler associated with the following type: launcher configuration policy.
Category: ActionManager
ActionMan.ActionContinueOnFailure: The action (ID:launcher configuration policy) failed due to the reason : launcher configuration policy, however the action is set to continue on failure.

We are running ZENworks Configuration Manager 11, and this problem has just began within the last week. We can still connect to devices in the console, and machines continue to have access to the Zenworks Explorer. However, there are machines where the Zen Explorer disappears. My concern is that this will become widespread, causing users to lose access to applications.

The following seems to correct the problem, but this fix isn't something that could be deployed. I'm also not sure what this is correcting.

Open a command line, type zac fsg d and hit Enter.
Type zac unr f and hit Enter.
Delete the following files from %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Novell\ZENworks\conf\ if present:
o Devicedata
o Deviceguid
o Guid.txt
o *.sav
Rename initial-web-service.bak in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Novell\ZENworks\conf\ to initial-web-service