Have a quick (I hope question) pertaining to mirroring existing pools. According to the Novell documentation, to mirror an existing pool in NSSMU you select 'partitions' and from the list of existing partitions you select the NSS partition for the pool. What happens when two partitions make up the same pool? I've successfully mirrored nine other pools using this technique, however this is the first of the servers I've inherited where the partitioning is not the same as the others. Looking at the pool, it appears they likely ran out of space, so an additional drive was inserted in the server and the existing pool was 'expanded' onto this new disk drive.

Using NSSMU is there a way to 'tag' both of the partitions to mirror, is NSS smart enough to grab all members of a pool, or am I looking at scheduling down time to do an rsync to get this data copied off of this unusual (for me) configuration.

I dislike the thought of downtime as this is just under 2TB of data, however I dislike the though of screwing up the pool more so I figured I'd ask the question to clarify the documentation before I 'experiment'...