I am a GroupWise system, version 8.0.3HP3. Two SuSE10 boxes, one runs the primary domain, post office and gwia. The other runs a secondary domain and webaccess. All data is currently on NSS volumes and will be moved to EXT3 in the move. I have built two new SuSE11sp3 servers that will handle the new functions for these boxes. I have already done a preliminary copy of the domain and post offices to the new server using dbcopy. I plan to take the system down this weekend and do the final copy using -i switch. Once I get the data over, I plan to upgrade it to 2012. I also plan to move the ip addresses to the new boxes so no change there. Only change will be the path on the objects. My question is when should I make the path changes on the objects in C1? Should I do the final move and then login locally on the new boxes using C1 and connect to domain there and modify it before I bring it back online and upgrade, or should I make the change before I move it while the system is live and let it start arguing about it and take it down. I have done that before when changing ip addresses, changing them before I take them down so the change takes effect. Any help or advice would be appreciated.