Running GW 8.0.3 hp1. I have a user who initially reported that her Sent Items had disappeared -- not the Sent Items Folder, but rather the individual Sent Items. I ran a GWCheck, and 11 errors were found and corrected:

************************************************** *******************
Uncorrectable conditions encountered:
- No problems found
Correctable conditions encountered:
---- -------------------------------------------------- -----
37 Item records with missing message database recs.... 10
40 Invalid MSG records found.......................... 1
************************************************** *******************

Now, accessing the mailbox through the desktop client, Properties of the Mailbox indicate it is populated with: 6 Received Items (the user is very diligent about filing messages! :-)), 120 Sent Items, and 1073 Posted Items. However, there are no items that have actually been Posted -- All the Sent Items prior to the curious date of 11/18/2013 have been converted to Posted Items, and appear in the Mailbox view as such. What's more, they all report correct item Sizes, but opening any of them renders a blank Posted message.

Further GWChecks report no errors. I am unsure as to how I can go about converting these Posted Items back to Sent Items. "Edit | Change to" gives me no success. In 10+ years of GW administration, I have never run across this -- Has anyone else ever seen this happen?

I am considering taking the following steps, but I have no idea whether it will work or not:
1. Archive all the user's "good" Sent and Received messages (filed in many Cabinet folders) for safety
2. Run GWCheck on the User with Re-create User Database action
3. Burn incense and throw chicken bones at the POA
4. Pray to Jobu that the 1073 Posted Items magically changed back into Sent Items

Do you think this may possibly work?
I don't really know why, but I seem to think that the problem is not necessarily with the messages themselves, but with the User.DB in how it's displaying them... Does this sound logical?
Should I try running GWCheck on the User with Structural Rebuild action first? Will this do any good? Any harm?

Or... Should I just bite the bullet and burn a SR with Novell?