I am working with a migration effort from NW6.5 to Windows server, using Quest tools.

For the most recent server, there are files and folders in the migration log as not being copied, with (Novell) error 889C. Trustee rights are OK -- are applied in levels well above this one -- but it appears that there are invalid characters in the path, most likely via the folder name.

Problem is that even with full admin rights, I cannot find a way to -see- the folders or files in question. They are in the migration log, but not at all visible via ConsoleOne, Novell Remote Manager (with hidden files enabled), Windows Explorer, NDIR, and they don't show up in a trustee report, and don't appear if I run NSSCPT using /FIXNAMES or setting with /CPSWITCH to code page 1252.

I don't know what else to try to be able to see, and therefore remediate the names of, these files/folders.

I've never encountered anything being so invisible before. I know the folder-level names thanks to the log, but can't find any way to view, rename, or otherwise reference the folder. I can't even figure out how the migration console sees the files when nothing else seems to do so.

Any thoughts on other tools I might use to view and get to the invisible folders? I'm running out of possible tools.


-- DE