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Thread: Sharing - Restricting sharing easily to Staff only

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    Sharing - Restricting sharing easily to Staff only

    Ok with 1.0.1 has their been any changes to how sharing is implemented? My understanding is that by default once sharing is turned on, anyone can share from their Home Folder. In our school we don't want students to share at all currently. We may change that later but currently the thinking is that they'll share inappropriately.

    This seems to be true as I randomly checked a large number of profiles before assigning any sharing rights and every profile I checked had sharing turned on. This is different than what is said about having to enable sharing for all internal users - "To enable sharing for all internal users on the Filr site, go to the Select user/group field, begin typing All Internal Users, then select it when it appears in the drop-down list."

    My understanding of the documentation says that to turn off sharing for these users I would then need to manually go to every student user's profile and turn off their sharing manually. This would be for 1200 students. Can't this be done the other way around, have sharing off for everyone and then turn sharing on by a group membership?

    Even if it can't be done by groups, it would be less than half the users if I turned it off for everyone and then just turned it on for staff.

    Am I reading the documentation incorrectly?


    Perhaps, there is a way to select ALL users form the User Accounts page at one time? Then do a Modify Share Rights so I can clear them on every single user. Then I can assign them manually to just Staff as they need to share.
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