This may be a library question, but may be a general client options issue,
so I
am posting here, GW 8.0.2 with hot patches on Win7 Pro 64 bit--I have one
user for whom one particular integration setting on the document integration
tab (Tools/Options/documents) keeps reverting. The Word and Excel settings
are fine and do not change. But in that list is also "Library folder", not
even sure what that is or does. The integration for Library folder keeps
enabling for him. He turns it off and within a day or two, it is back on.
The result when enabled is that Adobe Reader gives him a warning every time
he uses it,
and since we are a law firm, that is quite a lot. This does not happen to
any other users. So far, I reset the client options with GWCheck for this
user and uninstalled and re-installed the client on his Win7 machine, but it
still happening. I am obviously missing whatever it is that makes him
unique. TIA.