Okay here goes:

We have a LOT of laptop users that obviously use their laptops when they're NOT on our network.

Unfortunately our proxy settings are set in IE as follows:

Middle checkbox (Use automatic configuration script)
and then it has a URL of a serve:

Now, the issue:

That server (but not that path) is resolvable/reachable via the Internet. So people would take their laptop home, stupid IE would try to read that proxy.pac file, fail but then it would try to still route data through the proxy server (which it can't get to) and things would be REAL slow.

Trying to tell the users which boxes to check/uncheck didn't go well because then they'd bring it back to the office, and forget to check it (or they'd check all 3 boxes in the section and that wreaked havoc).

So I orignally did this:

Created 2 ZCM bundles.
One bundle had a system requirement for Configuration Location (because this is not an option in the install actions, for some bizarre reason) that if it was "unknown" to DELETE the key (ie, remove the proxy setting)

One bundle had a system requirement for Configuration Location (ie: NOT unknown), to deploy the registry key.

That didn't work well because of the fact that ZCM takes at LEAST 1 minute to figure out the Configuration Location and by then, the user had logged in and got the bundle (deploy on user event: login). Plus the fact that ZCM config locations are horribly prone to being wrong/stuck/etc.

So then I decided to base this upon IP address.

I created a single bundle with only the OS as the system requirement.
I created 4 install actions.
1) Remove reg key if IP is not 134.179.x.x
2) remove reg key if IP is not 10.52.x.x
3) create reg key if IP is 134.179.x.x
4) Create reg key if IP is 10.52.x.x

Assigned to the devices -> workstations (this way when the user is off network and doesn't login to ZCM, the bundle still gets "run")
Launch on event: user login (this way the user still logs into the Windows 7 workstation and gets the HKCU key)

However, for some reason ZCM has decided to stop even running the bundle anymore (it shows up, it never deploys, even though the system reqs are met, and the launch is on event user login). Debug logs confirm it's not launching the bundle. You can MANUALLY run it (zac bv, etc.) and it'll work. (Got an SR open but not making much progress yet)


Is there a better way to achieve this?

I'm not sure if it's possible to set the proxy reg key to the device, yet still have it deploy to HKCU (my testing indicates "no"). I need the bundle assigned to the DEVICE because if I assign it to a USER, and they take the laptop off network, they're not logged into ZCM, so NO user assigned bundles run/launch, etc.