This is only my opinion, but I would start over. One thing I dislike with OES/SLES setup is no real advice on how to partition your storage. Novell kind of leaves it up to you. We got burned when I set up my ZCM server by not making /opt and /var big enough. I think this issue has been largely mitigated by the ballooning of drive sizes, but if you run older servers like I do, you still need to be careful.

For what it is worth, here is how I partition:
partition 1 - 500 MB for /boot
partition 2 - 2-8 GB for /swap (based on size of server memory)
partition 3 - LVM

LVM is broken up like this:
/ - 15 GB
/var - at least 10 GB
/tmp - 2 GB
/home - 2 GB
/mnt/storage - for systems like ZCM which need lots of space

If I will be hosting NSS on the server I will create logical volumes at the RAID level and put the above in volume 1. Then I dedicate Volume 2 to NSS. I have read that Novell now has it's own LVM that can handle NSS partitions but I have no experience with this.