We are in the process of moving all of our Macs to 10.9 Mavericks. All of the upgrades appeared to be going fine, but then we imaged a new Mac with 10.9. The person went to our printer map page and installed printers, but nothing would print to them. I tried installing a new printer on my MacBook running Mavericks and had the same issue. Nothing would print to any newly installed printer. I went out to https://localhost:631/ to view the CUPS information on my Mac and see that the "Connection" information for all newly added printers is defined as "file:///dev/null" instead of "iprint://iprint.ccsd93.com/ipp/DO_HP 2055_PQ1?type=ipp" (or whatever the printer name is). I have tried installing the latest iPrint client, with the same results.

Any clue as to what is happening?