We are switching to a new domain. My ZCM server was in a local domain, and has been moved to a new domain. When I register a workstation using the new FQDN, I get a prompt about an untrusted certificate which is referencing the FQDN of the server in the previous domain. Questions:

A) Does it really matter - can I just disable the check with:
or just continue to register workstations to the old FQDN (as long as it resolves)?

B) this documentation notes how to replace an Internal Server Certificate with a New Internal Server Certificate. It looks trivial enough except about backing up the Content-Repo directory, Certificate Authority, and the Embedded Database which now makes me nervous about doing this. Anything I should be concerned about or anyone able to ease my fears and say that there's nothing to fear...it's a trivial matter? Is this what I want to do to get everything "in line" with my new domain?