Hello All,

I have a GroupWise 8.03 server on SLES 10/OES2 which I am planning to both migrate to a newly purchased server and upgrade to GroupWise 2012 on SLES 10/OES2. I have two questions I am hoping to get the communities help on.

1. When I do the migration, does it make sense to first migrate to the new server and continue to run GW 8 for say a week to simplify the migration and make sure all migrated to the new server/IP correctly? Then I would upgrade the following weekend in place to Groupwise 2012. What are your thoughts on this vs. migrating the data and directly upgrading to GW 2012?

2. I would love to do a test run of the process. How would you go about doing this? Should I bring the new server up in it's own tree, migrate the data using dbcopy, remove it's network connectivity and then go through GW Install/Upgrade? My goal is to be able to do this and then blow it away to start again without causing any conflict or interfearance to the existing system.

Thank you,
Daniel Joaquin