There seems to be a newly introduced bug on OES 11 SP2.

Symptom: Station restrictions on the admin account prevents sever installation into existing tree, OES upgrades and OES eDirectory configuration. Having to remove admin account station restrictions is not really a suitable solution.

- at the eDir configuration stage at -253 error is displayed

This affects installation, eDir, CIFS, LDAP etc configuration, and also iPrint management e.g creation of driver stores and print managers.

OES 11 SP2 introduced IPv6 station restrictions in iManager and this may be was has caused the issue.

Tested so far:
1. If I remove stations restrictions the problem disappears.
2. If I use station restrictions of IPv4 and ::0 IPv6 the problem does NOT go away even though that in effect is equivalent to no station restrictions.
3. Problem did not exist in OES 11 SP1 or OES 11, i.e. the station restrictions in use are not the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? To me it seems to be a bug. Station restrictions are in place for the obvious reasons.