Running gw2012sp2 on sles11sp2/oes11sp1. Post office is not overly
large, around 50 users, about 4GB in size.

Started having issues where something causes the POA to stop, usually
in the evening. No backups or anything running when it goes belly up.

I run a script via cron that checks every 5 minutes (found on cool
solutions site) that is supposed to restart the poa if it's down, but
that does not seem to be restarting it properly.

Anyway, I'd like to fix what's causing the poa to quit. I did find the
following entry in /var/log/messages about 10:03pm last night:

Mar 3 22:03:03 rec-s1 gwpoa: *** glibc detected ***

/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwpoa: malloc(): smallbin double
linked list corrupted: 0xee2b41a0 ***

Once that shows up, the poa is down. Ideas?