hi all,

I have some problems when configure the new PO in my Groupwise system and move some old mailbox from old-PO to new-PO

Here is my system:
1. Current system:
Groupwise 2012 - DOM1 - PO1 (1677)

2. After configure:
Groupwise 2012 - DOM - PO1 (1677)
- PO2 (1678)

3. Send incoming & outgoing with new user in PO2 -> OKIE (Groupwise client access over 1677 to PO1 & 1678 to PO2)
Send internal -> OKIE (PO1 to PO2 and vice-versa)

4. I want to move (user1) mailbox from PO1 to PO2, but
The moving step is too fast,when r-click -> properties , user1 always shows "Pending Move. This record cannot be modified at this time." when
The "User Move Status" shows "Destination domain updated"
The new email to user1 will reach to PO2 (destination of moving) with "EFE0 Error: User not on post office [D101]"

Do you know where I'm wrong and any requirement to move mailbox from PO to another PO?
Is mailbox data transferred over MTA also?

Thanks all