I'm sure that I'm misreading something in the steps to upgrade from the ZCM 11.2 virtual appliance to the 11.3 one, and maybe someone can give me the verbal slap up side my head to point out what I'm reading wrong...

From my reading it sounds like the upgrade path for the virtual appliance is essentially a replace then rip with a built in migration utility. So I'm at the step asking if my 11.2 appliance is the first server in the zone to be upgraded to 11.3, which I want to answer Yes to since it is the first server that would be upgraded, but the end result that I want to see is replacing the 11.2 VA with the 11.3.

Step 17 says if I want to upgrade the first Primary Server (my only one) say yes, otherwise skip to step 18. That is where it says that everything is copied from the 11.2 server over to the 11.3 one including the database. So that brings me to my question, am I supposed to update my 11.2 server to continue?