I'm Trying to restore files from a failed Netware volume that had
compression enabled. The backup/restore software is not cooperating
properly so I've had to resort to dumping data directly from backup in
it's raw format. After doing a dump I'm able to copy the files that
were not originally compressed back to the newly created netware volume
just fine. The files that were originally compressed were backed up in
their compressed state, so I need a way to set the compressed bit on
these files once they are back on the volume without telling it to
actually run a compress job since the files are already compressed. I'm
guessing real backup software talks to tsafs.nlm to do this, but since
I'm doing this manually I don't know of any way to set this bit on an
NSS volume. Are there any utilities provided by Novell or 3rd party
like JRBUtils that can set the encryption bit on a file? Preferably in
a batch since I'm talking about a million files. The worst part is that
I was about 2 weeks away from migrating off of this Netware server which
is one of our last onto a new OES server.