I've just set up the Filr site and we are using the appliance - we only small total staff of 250 but my guess will be only 50 to 100 will use it heavily. I have set it up on one of our XEN hypervisors and seems ok.

We're running through the documentation fine. However my biggest issue at the moment is if I reboot the vm the filr site, the https:xx.xx.xx.xx:8443 takes very long time to come back up, I haven't actually timed it but my guess would be close to 15 minutes maybe more.

After the reboot, the admin portal (9443) can be accessed almost right away, but the actual filr site just times out constantly until that 15 minute (or more) lapse.

Now I set up a quick proof on concept a few months back and it wasn't like that at all. From what we can tell, the only difference in configuration is the addition of a partition from our san to the vm config for storage which I didn't do in the test vm.

Any ideas why there is such a lag? or anything I could look at to help me troubleshoot this?