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Thread: Client 2 SP3 IR5 breaks LDAP contextless login?

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    Client 2 SP3 IR5 breaks LDAP contextless login?


    after updating to Client 2 SP3 IR6 (from SP2 IRx) there is no LDAP search for the usercontext if log in local into Windows and than trying to connect to an OES-server. There is also no LDAP-search if installing on a fresh Computer.
    Trying to connect to an OES-Server the Client Login Dialog show at the buttom the line "Contextless LDAP-Login is activated for "<Treename>"" (translated from German).

    A network trace shows no packets if typing in the Username and press the TAB-Button.

    Anyone here where this is working?

    OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 German

    Regards - Frank

    P.S.: Misstyped IR5 in the Thread description - IR6 is what we use here.
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