Netware 6 Sp5 box + post patches. This is an old box that I'm trying to migrate over to a VM by enabling iscsi and setting that up. I've done this with 6.5x without issue. Anyway, NRM will respond and function over http on port 8008 without issue. however, if i click the 'iSCSI Services" link at the bottom.. it throws an Unauthorized Access Denied error. After doing some digging online, someone said to try logging into NRM via SSL (port 8009) and it worked for him. Well, I'm unable to do that. When I try to access NRM over https/8009 the browser just spins and spins. I checked TCPCON and it appears that its listening on port 8009.. I telnet'd to port 8009 and it doesnt deny me.. but nothing comes up. I've done PKIDiags, httpstk /reset and re-loaded with /ssl /keyfile:"SSL CertificateIP" with no change. No errors with certificates that I can find

Kind of out of ideas. Any out there still familiar with this? :)