Environment is 11.2.3a no mu's on win2k8. WS win7 64sp1 MSSQL2008. Currently
out of 7000 workstations I am seeing this on about 10 computers. Not sure
what is causing it. the machines have been in production for a long time
with no issues then all of a sudden the error below shows up on a primary(s)
server. Is this a agent bug that is fixed with one of the MU updates that I
have not done yet? I looked for a ZAC command line that might let me re
import the cert but I am not seeing it. I will be moving to 11.3 once mu1
comes out and I get these errors cleared up. Just wanted to know if I have a
serious underlying issue happening before it becomes a disaster.

The managed device pes-58-sb1 with guid
d284ef52ebefac4baa873e3d673af424 and IP address(es) failed to
register due to invalid authentication info.