howdy ,

i have a small problem , maybe u guys here can help me ..

i have a client on 8.0.2 connecting to 1 poa ( 8.0.2) , the minute , she wants to login to the poa / it takes 10 seconds to launch her groupwise client
other users are not affected , changing workstation does not matter

creating folders in her own mailbox also takes 10 seconds for the cursor to be released
logging in via webaccess , everything is fast , no problem ( direct on server )

when she connects to the poa , the poa console will log atleast 6 connections to the console from her current pc
when she is logged out and i test it on my own system .. the problem remains the same 6 connections..

poa will jump into a 1 BUSY thread

gwcheck , shows no problems
- made her delete all her shared folders , ( remove the sharing ) no effect
- unshared calenders ( no effect )
- tried other GW versions , no effect
- removed proxies to other users , no effect

since the webacc still is fast , i wonder what takes a bite out of my C/S connections which makes this user so uttery slow

- im looking for a program to view what is in the DB itself , i can recall such a program from the past .. because im looking in a needle in a haystack atm

anyone ?