iFolder 3.8x running on SLES 11.

This is for a home lab server... and if I wasn't missing pics of my new grand kid I wouldn't be even concerned. Curious, yes, but... this involved pictures that I can't easily replace.

My VMWare server died, taking out the VM that hosts SLES/iFolder. I rebuilt the server, restored to my last restore point... and wouldn't you know it, I hadn't backed up since BEFORE I took those pictures.

Well, I think, no problem, iFolder will simply see the new files on my local PC, and will keep 'em and sync 'em onto the restored VM's iFolder.

Uhhhh.... no. It deleted the local copy of files that didn't exist on the backup, meaning that it deleted the pics of the grand kid as well as the newer editions of my Quicken archive files.

What did I miss? Did the system simply assume I must've deleted those files on another PC (or on the web interface) and therefore sync'd up my PC with those "deletions"?

BTW, I also noted that my Quicken files got back rev'd to that older edition -- I thought that the newer edition of each file "won"?

Thanks for your help. This lesson might be expensive so I'm wanting to learn all I can here.


PS -- yes, I know, I need to do backups more often.