Just doing a logic check here:

Since I've moved to virualization for most of my servers, I want to come up with the best way to have a NetWare 6.5 machine image that is up to date with patches and is easy to clone and place into either my test or production trees.

My thought is to install a new server into either of my existing trees, patch it to current level, and then remove DS from it.
That would be the vm that I would clone.

Installing a new VM in the tree would then consist of:
1) cloning the above vm and booting it in isolation from my network.

2) Editing the same files you would edit if renaming or changing the IP address of a server:

3)Reconnecting it to the network and installing it into the DS of an existing tree.

4) Manually creating the LDAP server and LDAP group objects.

I can't think of anything else that is not product/service-specific that would need to be changed.

Any holes in my approach?