hi Experts,

please help me on below queries -

(A) Create Contacts in Global Address book in Novell GroupWise server manually. i have exchange servers in my Organization and i want to view my exchange mailboxes in GroupWise Address book so that my users can directly send mails to exchange users via Address lists.(external contacts in exchange are known as mail contacts/contacts. also i dont want to use any third party tool for Dirsync/migration purpose).

(B) Set Forwarder on GroupWise Mailbox so that new incoming mail will be deliver to remote domain recipient (exchange mailbox) with or without delivering to GroupWise Mailbox locally). i don't want to configure client rules to achieve this goal. i need this to be done via central administration tool for GroupWise servers.

(C) if we create External Contact with different Email Domain Name (i.e. @XYZ.Com, which is my exchange SMTP Domain) and we have Primary Domain as @ABC.Com (this is my GroupWise SMTP Domain), in this condition can we assign additional email address to external User. so that my external user will have both GroupWise SMTP Email Address and Exchange SMTP Address. in this case new mails to my GroupWise ID should be delivered to my exchange Mailbox because i don't want to keep mailbox in Groupwise

it is really urgent and any information or step by step docs or Urls are really appreciated.

i have gone through the non-groupwise domain creation document but not sure what server and domain name entries i have to put during configuration for Non-Groupwise domain and external users. also what would be GIWA configuration. please provide me the SOPs if any one has already done this in past.


Aanand Karki