Hi all - maybe someone can shed some light on this problem.

We have a fresh install of Filr 1.01 large installation (two Filr appliances, two search index appliances, SQL appliance, and an NFS server where vashare resides) backended by eDir/OES. We successfully got it all up ,an running under VMware Vsphere 5 and got the user base imported via LDAP. User can log in and see all of there files and folders, but if they attempt to upload a file the get the error message, "You do not have permission for this operation". They can create folders just fine, but uploading files fail.

Some testing I tried with an iPad and the Filr app yielded these results: I can create and delete folders in my home directory via the app all day long. trying to upload a photo gives me the "You do not have permission for this operation" error. I then tried to upload a document from the ipad and got a different error message, "Could not create directory [/vashare/filr/temp/3343]"

This seems to indicate the file permissions may not be correct on that share. It APPEARS to all be correct. I can log into the server housing that volume (It is simply a SLES 11 server) and there are no files being created there. What I cannot seem to find is anywhere in the Filr configuration now that it is installed where you can change the credentials or location for "\vashare"

Any help would be appreciated. Can someone point me to a configuration option or file, or a log file to look for more info? Thanks!