Running iprint on SLES 11, v. 5.94 client. When I try to load MAC drivers to the driver store I get several different errors. When trying to load from an XP box (XP is going away soon) I can get as far as being able to select add printer drivers. When I browse to the location where my .ppd files are, they are not recognized and the location is blank (doesn't list the .ppd). When trying to load drivers from Window7, I can select drivers but when I try to load the .ppd I am prompted that the driver store is not loaded. I can upload other MS OS drivers without a problem. I have also tried the same process on Windows 8.1 but I simply get the prompt that loading drivers from this OS is not supported. I am using IE as an administrator.

What I have done is gone to both HP and Apple and downloaded print drivers. I exploded them on a MAC, then copied the .ppd.gz drivers to either XP, Win7, 8.1 as mentioned above. I then change the file extension by getting rid of the ".gz" Nothing seems to work and the documentation specific to MAC drivers is no where to be found. I have struggled with this for months. Before I burn a precious SR, does anyone have a hint as to what I am doing wrong?