Our ZCM environment is at 11.2.4MU1. When we upgrade to 11.3, I have a problem in the form of two ZCM primaries at remote locations which are running on OES2SP3. As this OS is no longer supported for ZCM primaries, but is supported for managed devices, I need to “convert” these primaries to satellites. However, there is no “conversion” utility. It seems to me I should be able to uninstall ZCM from the two primaries, and then run the 11.3 agent install on them, then activate them as satellites. I have two questions about this process:

1. Does anybody have any prior experience with this, and if so, are there any potential landmines I need to avoid?
2. Would I be better advised to run the zenuninstall script with the -x or -c parameter? I.e. Do I want to remove the objects from the zone, or can I recycle their existing GUIDs?

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.