In a Zenworks 11.2.3 environment with all Win7 workstations:

In trying to debug a Lotus Notes upgrade package, we separated out the program
launch itself. The launch, a single action, is very simple: Launch Executable
that has the command line "c:\program files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe" with the
working directory set as "c:\programs files\IBM\Lotus\Notes" on 32-bit Win7.
The working folder and command line contain "C:\program files (X86)" (etc.)
instead, on 64-bit Win7 stations.

In both cases, the launch action is very slow, and sometimes hangs the Notes
client for a very long time (more than a few minutes).

If I create a shortcut on the desktop with exactly the same for command line
and working directory, it launches vastly quicker -- no more than a few seconds
to fully open.

The environment is one where management wants to launch only out of the NAL
(Zenworks window) and not from a shortcut on the desktop. But the performance
issues are very apparent.

Why is it so much faster to launch from the desktop shortcut than via Zenworks?
What can I look for to pinpoint the source of the slowness, and is there
anything else that I can do other than putting a direct program shortcut on the
desktop? Is this a known issue?


-- DE