We have a customer using Filr for sharing files from NET folders to some external users for lecturing/corrections.
Therefore they must have a possibility to edit/modify files they have been shared to.

I have tested WebDAV in-place editing and it (a sort of) works. For me, at least. But it involves configuration of all that stuff with certificates on windows 7 ....
The problem is in external users's wide range of different hw/sw configurations which means a lot of support, writing of instructions...

Is there any way for external user to download a file he has been shared to, edit/modify it and upload it, instead of in-place editing ?
Internal user can do that with file inside NET folder.
External user can do it in the folder he has been shared to. But folders can be shared only from user's homes, not from NET folders.

Any idea? Or info when will it be possible to share folders from within NET folders to external users ?