Hi there,

At our organisation (300+ fte) (soon to be 700+) we use ZCM 11 to deploy our applications. For a while now, we have been seeing an issue with several users at random intervals that none of the applications that are either forced to run from login, or are clicked on from the zenworks window will start untill you manually kill the process ZenUserDaemon.exe. We have been looking everywhere for a solution, in our packages, with Novell Experts on premise but no solution to this problem has as of yet arisen.

I shall describe the situation in as much details as possible but if i forget anything, please ask.

The Images of the users are all Windows 7 SP1 32 bit.
Zenwork info:

ZENworks Adaptive Agent Version: Monthly Update 1

Agent Status Version Status
Bundle Management Running
Endpoint Security Management Running
Image Management Running
Inventory Management Running
Policy Management Running
Remote Management Running
UserManagement Running

All users are in pretty much this situation, but not all users have the problem. The event seems to be device related. But not every user that logs into this device has this problem. No errors show up for the device.

The bundles that are installed or force to run from login are all triggered by zenworks login event.

When, in the situation that no applications are being started, you look into the Show Progress window, the application is listed but just hangs there, with a progress bar sliding up and down and nothing happens.

The zenworks agent seems to be waiting for something and only stops waiting if the zenuserdaemon.exe is killed by brute force.
But what it its waiting for remains a mystery. Since the rebuilding of all bundles is going to take forever and will be a tedious task, I was hoping that some of you guru's could provide me with some pointers on how to troubleshoot this problem.

Please, if more information is required, ask me anything!

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Greetings from the Netherlands