We have been having issues all school year with laptops and logging in. They will get the log in screen to log in to the realm, or they will get the windows log in screen (like they did not have the dlu policy). I have every one up to 11.2.4.MU1 and am still having issues. When I go to the message log in the zenworks control panel for the device, I get the following errors:

"Could not download content for bundle, Windows Group Policy, because the ZENworks Server is not accessible."

I only get this on the laptops, so this has to be something with the way this is working with our wireless. There is no rhyme or reason that I can see as to when this happens. The only things I can tell you is:

1. This happens only on the laptops connecting with wifi
2. Usually happens when the laptop is first booted up.
3. The laptops are assigned a dlu user policy. This policy creates a user (GSStudent). This user is volatile and is cached for 1 day. This users is also a local machine administrator.
4. We have a separate nss volume that the content repo directory sits on ( I am not sure if this is causing the issues or not, I read somewhere there were problems with this).
5. Logging in as a local user and running zac cc temporarily fixes the issue.

I am at a loss here and am looking for some type of guidance that would point me to the solution. Any help would be appreciated!