I had a user who through some past events ended up with two Archives.
I Unarchived Everything in Archive #1 including over 20,000 Appointments. I then changed the client to use Archive #2.
Access to Archive #2 was OK, so I set the Client to Auto-Archive anything older than 100 days.
A few days later less than 100 items had archived and there were several hundreds of messages very old, so I sorted by date and manually archive everything older than 100 days old.
To this point everything was fine.
Then I wanted to get all the old appointments back into the archive and not in the live client.
(My goal was to re archive before the weekend task for pruning occurred.)
I "assumed" the best method was to do an advanced find.
I clicked Tools, Find, checked appointments and set the date range to 1/1/1997 to 2/1/2014
The results were around 23,000 calendar items.
I selected all, then right clicked and selected Archive.
4 hours later it completed and everything "looked" Good.
Several days later I am told most all the reoccurring appointments are now missing. ;(
What might have happened?
My only theory is that when I re-archived the "original" appointment that was the source of the reoccurring appointment, I broke the chain and the future appointment disappeared.
Does this sound correct?
Can I assume my only recovery is to manually create new reoccurring appointments ????