I'm trying to follow the instructions for activating a signed SSL certificate for my Filr server but the instructions seem to favor Verisign as a SSL vendor and my organization uses GoDaddy for our SSL. So far I've created the new self-signed cert, exported it, uploaded the file to GoDaddy and I've received a ZIP file back from them with 2 CRT files. That is where I'm getting lost because the next step in the instructions. The instructions are referencing a P12 key pair file and a password which there wasn't anything in the instructions for creating it.

At this point I've imported the Trusted Certificate file but for whatever reason selecting then clicking "Set as Active" does not make a Trusted Certificate active, it only seems to work on Key Pairs. I've also selected the key pair that I used to create my GoDaddy SSL certificate and used the "Import CA Reply" option so that the owner now says it is Domain Control Validated and the Issuer includes Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority, but even making it active and restarting the server it is still distributing the self signed version of the certificate.

Does anyone have advice for getting GoDaddy certs to work with Filr? Thanks!